Sunday, February 2, 2020

Project 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Project 3 - Essay Example In case the tenant damages any property within the apartment, the law provides that it should be tabulated and written down. In case the landlord has any intentions to withhold, the security amount, the same should be communicated to in advance. On the other hand, the tenant has certain rights within the frame work of law. Sec 8-211 provides that the tenant could make repairs and deduct the commensurate amount from the rent. On the other hand, the landlord has a duty to mitigate the effects of the damages through initiatives such as re renting the premises. The law provides that in cases where the lease in question is one of 1 year, a three months’ notice should be given. There is however, an exception in case of farm tenancies that run for 6 months. In case the tenants- landlord agreement is a month to month, there should be one month notice. It is now proper to turn to instances where there is breach or violation of lease agreement, Sec 402.1(a)(1) provides that eviction notice should be given 30 days. However, in cases where the tenant poses a great danger it should be given 14 days. The landlord has the obligation of abiding by the laws when terminating the lease agreement. In this respect, the landlord is barred by the law to take possession of the leased property unless within the confines of the law. On the same note the landlord can only take possession of the tenant’s property only in case the tenant does not give legal notice on exit. Before the tenants enter any premise, the landlord has the duty to disclose all the relevant information. Within such information should be the right of the tenants, the landlord’s right to inspect the premises. Within such information should also be the person whom the landlord may direct to act on their behalf. Based on the above provisions, it is now in order to discuss the matters that relate to the case above. It is evident

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